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At Conservas Artesanas Rosara, we are very concerned with quality. 

It is not enough to just select the best produce of the land, most with denomination of origin; preparation is also very important. We put up our products with craftsman-like processes, always seeking the best outcome without skimping on expenses or effort. We continuously research new products and prepared dishes. Some are prepared by scrupulously following the traditional recipe while others are the fruit of our innovation in the kitchen. 

This struggle to achieve prime quality in our products has been acknowledged with numerous awards such as the Coq d ´Or (Guide des Gourmands), Shoping  Presse (2009 Gourmet food & wine selection by SIAL), the International Trophy for Quality, the International Master for enterprises, the International Gold Star for Quality or the Gold Trophy in food and beverages. 

Quality which, from March 1999, the company has increased with the certification to ISO 9000 quality standard under nº. E199006. With these certifications, the company,  Conservas Artesanas Rosara, guarantees its clients the high quality of its products and that it will always be the same or better over time. Because, at Rosara, quality is not talked about, it is performed.

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