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Here at Conservas Artesanas Rosara, we take quality very seriously. It is not enough to select the best produce that the land can offer if it is not then properly prepared. 

The secret of the success of Rosara products is undoubtedly our home-made way of doing things like roasting our Piquillo peppers over beech wood and then peeling them by hand and without water since this would affect their taste.  This is how we treat all our products, with the special devotion that each one requires. 

Where our craftsmanship can best be appreciated is undoubtedly in the Rosara kitchen. Delicacies like our Piquillo peppers stuffed with cod fish or  our Fabada Asturiana. are the result of faithfully applying the recipes of our traditional cuisine both with respect for the ingredients as well as the 'modus operandi'. This practice co-exists with a very different line of innovation and development of new and delicious recipes such as our Asparagus stuffed with lobster or our Torta del Casar sheep cheese mousse. 

Another important aspect of our craftsmanship is that we do not put any kind of additive that may stifle their authentic taste into our products. We put them up with totally natural procedures. 

We do not cut any corners or hold back any means or effort if we believe the product will gain in taste or quality. But natural, craftsman-like procedures take precedence all the way through, just as we have always done.

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