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Conservas Artesanas Rosara presentó sus productos con gran expectación entre el público belga en

Hoy de nuestros almacenes salen más de 5.000 kg con destino a Banco de Alimentos de Madrid, Cárit

Good taste is an important factor in Rosara

Conservas Artesanas Rosara is located in the heart of the Navarra lowlands in Northern Spain. The banks of the Ebro River produce the best garden produce thanks to its propitious climate, fertile soil and the heedful husbandry of its inhabitants.

With Rosara you are sure of a high quality product

At Conservas Artesanas Rosara, we are very concerned with quality. It is not enough to just select the best produce of the land, most with denomination of origin; preparation is also very important. We put up our products with craftsman-like processes, always seeking the best outcome without skimping on expenses or effort.

We add no preservatives or colouring to our products

Here at Conservas Artesanas Rosara, we take quality very seriously. It is not enough to select the best produce that the land can offer if it is not then properly prepared. 

Specific Denomination of Navarra Asparagus.

Lodosa Piquillo Peppers, Denomination of Origin.

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